In my artwork and in my life, there exists interconnectivity between disciplines, mediums, and ideas.  I recognize the commonality in the arts and sciences and their unique approaches to asking the same questions. When I'm intrigued by something that makes me to feel or think something new, I will try to understand it. My motivation in creating art is to further my own understanding and to be able to share experiences that are new, engaging, and enlightening.

My mediums and methods evolve with each project, and are dependent upon each project's concept, aesthetic, duration, and placement. I use digital medias along with materials and patterns from my environment to create art that might encourage felt experiences of interconnectedness, curiosity, and joy. Having an early background in painting, drawing, and programming gives way for further modes of artistic experimentation as I grow. My current work ranges from photography to thoroughly manipulated digital art to multi-media interactive or immersive performances and installations to mixed-medium collage and sculpture. I mostly work with mediums that are portable, such as the iPhone, or a pocket projector. Often I materialize digital images into books and prints.

I grew up in New York and Los Angeles, and currently live in Joshua Tree, California, where I create new media art, hand-made zines, and independently published art books that are shared around the world. I was a student of Music and Mathematics at the College of Creative Studies at the University of California in Santa Barbara. I will always be a student of the universe. ∞