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my background

My childhood was filled with notebooks full of stories and thousands of pages worth of drawings; this lives on in my love for telling creative, human-driven stories. As an adult, I've been able to collaborate with others who are just as passionate as I am about bringing these stories to life.

I studied at Pacific University, earning a BA in Film & Video along with my minor in Studio Art.


film & video

I have done a variety of film work, including videography, directing, writing, animation, art direction, prop work, and editing using Adobe software.

Though I have done commercial and documentary work, I have found a passion for narratives and plan to continue down that path.


art & design

I work primarily in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and have dabbled in 3D modeling through programs such as SketchUp and ZBrush.

My work has ranged from concert posters, to commissioned drawings from private clients, to album cover art, and more. I am more than happy to receive inquiries about my freelance commissions, prices, and abilities.

marketing work

You can find more of my work on my Vimeo and YouTube accounts.

narrative work

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